Speaker Biography

Yahia Nourredine

Yahia Nourredine has completed his bachelors degree in the field Biosystematics and Plant Breeding at University of Constantine 1 from 1985-1989. He has Completed his masters degree in the field of Plant breeding and genetics in the University of Oran in the year 1992-1998. He has completed his PhD in the University of Oran in the field of Plant Breeding and Genetics. He is also an researcher in the University of Oran from 1999 to till date.


Algeria, records a serious deficit in cereal production, meat and dairy products because of inadequate intakes of phosphate fertilizers and the deficit of forage crops production. The annuals species of Medicago my be involved in overcome this deficit. Cold stress and frost are the main limiting factors for Medicago species periodically report significant losses in productivity. To ensure a good winter survival, these plants establish an adaptation mechanism known as cold acclimation. This mechanism induces the expression of many genes necessary to protect against the effects caused by the low temperatures. In the present study, we selected two ecotypes with contrasting cold tolerance (Ac 15678, tolerant and Ac 14821, sensible) of M. aculeata to analyzing the MtCBF2 genes expression in response to the cold stress. The applied cold stress (4°C) was performed at different durations (1/2 hour, 4 hours, and 24 hours) in comparison with the controls for each ecotype. After RNA extraction for the different samples with extraction kit and synthesis of a cDNA library, the cDNAs obtained were submitted to q-RT-PCR. Expression study was performed using CBF2 specific primers. Amplification tests were performed with electrophoresis on agarose gel (1.2%), different amplification was visualized on the agarose gel for all treatments.