Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural science is the branch of science that involves in management of biological systems for the sustainable production of fibre and food. It has the potential to lower the cost of raw materials, increase farming revenue and improve the environmental quality. Sustainable management of land and soil supports agricultural productivity, climate change mitigation,  food security, and a range of ecosystem services. The by-products that is obtained from plants during photosynthesis are very useful in power generation. A large organic matter is being generated during this time and are being excreted by the roots back to the soil. This is being consumed by the micro-organism present in the soil and release electrons as the result of consumption. The released electrons can be harnessed as electricity. By sustainable agriculture it is possible to make the earth more pollution free by large production and usage of biodegradable plastics from plants.

  • Track 1-1 Biology of Plant Cells
  • Track 2-2 Agricultural System Analysis
  • Track 3-3 Development of Soil Health
  • Track 4-4 Plants in Power Generation
  • Track 5-5 Plant Plastic Production
  • Track 6-6 Biofuels

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