Plant Proteomics

Plant Proteomics is concerned with the entire complement of proteins of plants including the modifications made to a set of proteins. Proteomics is an in-depth study of a specific proteome, including information on protein and its modifications and variations. Proteomics works with the interacting partners and members associated with it in a sequential network. Plant Proteomics features the quick advance in this field in plants, with accentuation on late work in demonstrate plant species, subcellular organelles, and parts of the vegetation cycle, for example, flagging, multiplication and stress physiology. Image processing techniques can be used to describe the entire protein content of plant organelles.

  • Track 1-1 Conventional and advanced techniques
  • Track 2-2 Mass Spectroscopy
  • Track 3-3 Bioinformatics analysis
  • Track 4-4 Plant System Biology
  • Track 5-5 Image Processing techniques and Applications

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